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You need not know the whole journey in order to take the first step.

A frequent adventurer on the road less traveled, in 2011, after hooping for a year, Hannah decided to manifest a seemingly-impossible goal: to join the circus. She decided she didn't need to know how this would happen in order to believe it was possible. Remarkably, just two weeks later, Hannah became a hula hoop and living statue performer with the Cincinnati Circus Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. While developing her Youtube Channel, Hula Hooping Hannah, she realized the potential for marketing and content creation within her niche industry. She transitioned from performing to marketing and landed an internship-turned- Content Marketing Manager with the Vermont-based, award-winning youth circus organization, Circus Smirkus. She now works as a freelance video editor, content creator, social media strategist and hula hoop instructor in Chicago, Illinois. Most recently she joined the @Wanderlustfest team as the festival's hula hoop instructor in Snowshoe, West Virginia.  

She is a proud alumni of Ohio University '14 and the Global Leadership Center Program. When not hula hooping or video editing, Hannah can be found reading self-help books, drinking coffee, and training to become a professional mermaid.

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Photo by Luke Awtry Photography.