Performance Resume

As a Chicago-based performer and instructor, Hannah Stanton-Gockel, (Hula Hooping Hannah) has taken her high energy and memorable stage presence to nightclubs, circus shows, corporate and private events, community festivals, supper clubs and speakeasies for almost a decade. 

Hannah specializes in hoop dance, fire hooping, and multi-hoop performances for events both big and small. She frequently combines her skills in video production and film editing with hooping to produce creative hula hoop videos for her Youtube channel. Additionally, she uses her performance/circus knowledge and video production skills as a social media strategist for entertainment-based clients. 

Hannah has performed with and designed marketing campaigns for The Cincinnati Circus Company and Circus Smirkus, and has been a performer with Dream City Dance and Unbridled at Untitled (produced by Michelle L'amour). Always a character, she was featured on ABC's The Gong Show as "The Hooping Dead" zombie girl in 2018.


The Gong Show Season 2



Unbridled at Untitled

Frequently, Hannah can be seen performing at Untitled Supper Club in Chicago, part of Thursday night's Unbridled circus show. Unbridled is produced by Michelle L'amour.


The Cincinnati Circus Company

Hannah began her performance career in 2010 with The Cincinnati Circus Company and continued performing regularly for corporate clients, festivals, private parties, and other events through 2015. In addition to hula hooping, Hannah also worked on the flying trapeze rig in the summer, performed as a living statue, taught hoop classes, and created videos and social media content for the company's pages.